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Bingen, Germany 2012-04-18

ProSat SNG Antennas gets Eutelsat autopointing approval

Eutelsat, one of three largest satellite operators in the world, has granted an important approval to ProSat Solutions GmbH and their D120M and D150M auto pointing antennas. These two products are now added into Eutelsat's guide to the selection of the most appropriate earth station equipment to access Eutelsat capacity.
The antenna systems have been thoroughly tested by Eutelsat for RF performance and its ability to auto-point and peak to the Eutelsat satellites without the need for expert operators and tools and have successfully passed the new Eutelsat Autpointing Verification Tests procedures. The results achieved during the recent tests superseded any other tested antenna systems.
ProSat Solutions GmbH and its partner and SVS Telecom have now proved to comfortably be able to live up to the highest demands and have placed the successful 1,2 and 1,5 meter SNG antenna systems at the forefront of development.

Interference caused by low quality reflectors and poor mechanics have historically been creating interference problems forcing satellite operators to set minimum standards and type approvals procedures to be applied to ground stations accessing their space segment.
Currently the entire industry is striving towards simplifying the procedures of finding the satellite and the lineup procedures by implementing various methods of autopointing.
Poor pointing software and bad mechanical solutions have added yet another element of interference, not tolerable to the satellite operators.
To overcome this problem, Eutelsat have once again been taking the lead by establishing a procedure for Autopointing Verification Test, the ESOG Vol. 1 Module 260. These tests and procedures aim at ensuring that autopointing systems will be yielding a high level of pointing accuracy and repeatability in any operational conditions. Once validated, systems are given adequate visibility on the Eutelsat website listing the Eutelsat approved equipment, namely the autopointing antennas whose RF performance have been characterized by Eutelsat. These systems will be capable of automatically pointing and peaking to the Eutelsat fleet without need for expert operators. Inclusion to the list is one achievement in itself, however the results of the tests also serve as the ultimate proof of overall quality since the autopointing characterization tests are witnessed and only performed on proven antenna systems.